• Species: Vampire/Fallen Angel

  • Age: Unknown

  • Occupation: Library Assistant/Guardian Angel

  • Education: High School Diploma

  • Home: Mortal Realm & Immortal Realm (Kingdom of Nocturnia)

  • Hobbies/Interests: Protecting Paige Morgan (Her Guardian Angel)

  • Pets: None

  • Royalty Bloodline(s): The Vampires (The Kingdom of Nocturnia)

  • Family:

    • Mother: Evangeline

    • Father: Cross Vladislad

    • Brother: Kain Vladislad (Twin Brother)

    • Sister: Paige Morgan (Half Sister)

    • Aunt: Adrielle

  • Sidekick/Best Friend: Kain Vladislad

  • Love Interest: Paige Morgan

  • Arch Nemesis: Evangeline


  • Gender: Male

  • Hair/Eye Color: Eye Color is Steele Gray & Hair Color is Dark Blonde (almost Dark Brown).

  • Skin Complexion: Porcelain White

  • Build: Muscular (Built like a God)

  • Birthmarks: Unknown

  • Scars: The Midwife who stole him cut his angel wings off leaving behind two scars where his angel wings once were. To hide the scars, he got a tattoo of angel wings. 

  • Tattoos: Angel Wings on his Back

  • Style/Appearance: Rugged Biker Style


  • Personality: 

    • Very protective of Paige Morgan

    • Can be fierce but not too fierce

    • Fears no one

    • Brave and Courageous

    • Very cautious of the unknown or anyone new that he is not familiar with

    • In the mortal realm, he keeps to himself


Originally born in the Immortal Realm but was taken from his mother at birth and raised in the Mortal Realm. Grew up not knowing who or what he really was. He meets a librarian name Miriam Lynnox who is very familiar with the Immortal Realm and offers him a job as her assistant at the local University library. She tells him he will have access to the sacred library which contains a book that may help him learn more about what he really is. 

One night, he has an uninvited visitor, Kain Vladislad. He learns that Kain is actually his twin brother. Kain explains to Vincent who and what he really is. Vincent also learns that he is Paige's Guardian Angel. Later on Kain takes both Vincent and Paige to meet Cross Vladislad, who is their biological father and also a Vampire King. 

In the Kingdom of Nocturnia, Vincent learns that Evangeline is out to kill Paige . He works with Cross, Kain, Paige, and Adrielle (who is Paige's biological mother and also the Angel Queen) in destroying Evangeline. 


Vincent Vladislad
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