The Mysterious Stranger

His name was Vlad and he was unlike any other mortal man I have met before. He was tall, piercing blue eyes, black as night hair that cut in a very professional haircut, milky white complexion. Although he had a business suit on, I could tell the man was built like a God, I found myself undressing him with my eyes. His dark intense eyes looked as if they could stare straight into my very soul if I had one. He was at least 6 feet tall and I could not help but lick my lips just imagining the things we could be doing underneath the silk sheets of my bed. I purred softly as I walked over towards him at the bar, smiling seductively.

Reaching the bar, I said to the bartender “Can I get a Margarita please?” The bartender nodded in acknowledgement as I turned towards the tall, dark, and mysterious stranger who was now watching me with a seductive smile of his own.  I smiled at him and said “Hello there stranger. What’s your name?”

“I think you know the answer to that already.” He said with a raised eyebrow as if I knew what he was getting at.

“How would I know your name?” I played coy.

His eyes seem to glow as he looked at me, “Shit! This was no mortal! This was in fact a vampire! And not just any vampire, DRACULA!” The sudden realization nearly made me drop the Margarita the bartender had just bought to me moments ago.

Maintaining my composure, I said “Of course,” I laughed softly “you of all vampires would know who I am and what I am exactly.” I said taking a sip of my Margarita.

He flashed me a very devastatingly sexy smile that showed off the tips of his fangs, I could not help but squirt a little. One of my biggest fantasies is to fuck a vampire and here one was right in front of me. And he was the Lord of all Vampires.

“I have heard about you and how you have seduced your way from the pits of hell to the gates of heaven.” He said looking around to see if anyone was nearby.

“Why? I have no idea my reputation was so high that even the likes of you would even take notice of little old me.” I said.

“Oh, believe me I have always taken notice, you just didn’t realize it. I have watched you over the centuries.”


“You know very well what I am and I know very well what you are.” He said looking around,  “Maybe we should take this discussion somewhere more private?” He asked.

“Yes, I believe we should.”


An Incubus in Need of a Mate

We walked through the foyer of his massive New York City penthouse on the 10th floor of the “Royale Crowne” hotel.  The place was enormous and looked as if it was fit for a King. Well, I should not be surprise seeing as he was the original King of Vampires and all. Following close behind him as he lead me to his living room and gesture towards the gorgeous black leather couch by the fire. Taking my seat close to the warmth of the fire, I looked up at him and said “Did you know I would be at the bar tonight?”

“Of course, it is your usual hunting ground, isn’t it?”

“How do you know that?”

“Like I mention earlier, I have been watching you over the centuries. I know you are the Goddess of the Night who lure mortal men to their deaths with just one kiss. I know you are a succubus who is tired of these mortal men who no longer satisfy your hunger. You crave something else, someone who can challenge you in every sense of the word.”

He knew me so well, it was a bit scary but yet I found myself being drawn to him.  “How do you know all of this?”

“I know because I too feel the same way. Mortals no longer satisfy my hunger, I crave something much more exciting that could more than satisfy my craving. Human blood no longer quench my thirst. I crave something else, something more than sustenance…”

“Like what?”

“The sexual essence of a succubus. You see, I am an Incubus. I am often mistaken as a vampire but truth be told, I am actually an incubus who feed on the sexual essence of my own kind, succubi. What you may not know is I am in need of a mate, my Queen. I do believe that you are my one true mate, my Queen.”

I could not deny the strong attraction I felt towards him, he had just revealed so many truths in such a short period of time. Truths which I felt were true deep in my gut, they always said Vlad was unlike all the other vampires. In fact, some said he wasn’t even a vampire but something else, they just didn’t know what he was exactly. Now I know, he was one of my own kind, an incubus.

He pulled me closer to him and kissed me deeply taking my very breath away as I wrapped my arms around him lost in his hot passionate kiss. His mouth claimed mine as he growled deeply clawing at my clothes as he undressed me. I felt my shirt rip open and my large breasts exposed as he took one breast and lifted it up towards his lips looking into my eyes as he done so. Slowly he licked the tip of my throbbing erect nipple teasing it before wrapping his lips around it and sucking on it ever so softly, I let out a soft moan of ecstasy as I felt him lift my skirt up and tear my thin lace thong off and flicked my swollen clit ever so lightly, each stroke sending tiny shivers throughout my core. Breathing heavily I could not help but watch as this incubus devour me alive “FUCK!!! This feel so fucking good!!!” I moaned out panting heavily. I soon felt his enormous fang sink deeply into my thick erect nipples as he sucked deeply on them, I cried out softly in pure pain. He rubbed much more harder and deeper while inserting his middle finger deep into my dripping wet pussy and slowly finger fuck me till my pussy was sore with ache and throb for so much more. “I want your massive hard cock deep inside of me right now!” I said.

“As you wish.” He said as he tore off his shirt and pants exposing his gorgeous muscular body. “Sweet Lucifer!” I thought as I seen just how big his muscles was and his penis was enormous, I thought for sure he would tear me apart literally but I didn’t care, I wanted him deep inside of me at that moment.

Positioning himself in such away, I felt the tip of his enormous cock lightly rub against my swollen clit and I let out a soft moan. Grabbing me by my hips, he pulled me closer to him and as he done so I felt his massive cock drive deep into me making me cry out loudly with such pain and pleasure that I felt as if I was about to pass out. Once deep inside of me he began thrusting deeply, each thrust was slow and intense making me wetter and wetter. His eyes was now glowing red as he took on the look of an incubus in his demonic form. He was magnificent in his demonic form, his skin glowed as if he was a hot charcoal on a fire with a flame burning on the inside, his eyes had fire in them with enormous fangs that protruded from his mouth, his massive horns was like those of a bull, and he had enormous gorgeous hooves. I too took on my succubus demoness form as he took me deeper and deeper into ecstasy. My wings were like those of a bat, although I had horns they were no where as massive as his, my skin took on a black as night skin tone that glowed in the moonlight as I reached my climactic peak, my hooves were much more smaller than his. My hands were now razor-sharp claws that dug into the flesh of his back as I dragged them across his back as my orgasm ripped through my body. Sweat covering both our bodies we were no where near finish as he continued thrusting deeply into me driving me over the cliff even further.

The sun was just coming over the horizon when we both came together one final time. Laying in bed in his arms, we were both covered in sweat out of breath. Looking up at him I said, “Fuck! No male has ever fucked me like that before!”

“That’s because you was fucking those mere mortals who could never truly satisfy you. Only an Incubus can truly fulfill your needs.”

I have often heard of this, I never fucked one of my own kind but than again up until now, I never knew of any. No mortal man has ever made me feel more at ease as I do now, truly satisfied but at the same time I craved for more but not like my usual cravings. It was as if it was enough to keep me sustain for now.

“What just happened?” I asked him looking up at him.

“We have just mated.” He said with a smile looking down at me. He was now back in his man form.

“What does that mean?” I have never mated before.

“It means, you are mines and I am yours forever. It means, you are my bride and my Queen.”

“Really? That quick and that easy?”


I always thought mating was like a mortal wedding or mortal courtship. “Aren’t you suppose to court me first before marking me as yours?”

“Not necessarily. Mating is really based on chemistry between two creatures and if they can handle each other. It is more than courtship, so much more. Most of the time it isn’t even about love as that will come later. It is really about lust and desire, if you can sexually satisfy one another.  The bond that is created when you feed off of one another’s sexual essence.”

“Wow! There is so much that I don’t even know and you just educated me in the art of mating in such a short period of time. Well, I guess that makes you my King now doesn’t it?”

He looked down at me and said “Yes, it does my Queen. You and I are bonded for life and beyond. Even death could not keep us apart.” He laughed wrapping his arms around me and pulling me closer to him kissing me deeply.