There is a story amongst clergymen or anyone of religious authority. It is said that Satan will send a demoness into the midst of any new clergyman or religious authority figure to test their faith and loyalty to god. This demoness is known as The Unholy. A demoness who will sexually arouse the clergyman or religious authority figure and when they are at their weakest point, this demoness will seduce them into damnation. But it is said such a man can resist such temptation if their will and faith in God is strong, proving them worthy of God, hence making them untouchable and unbreakable. This demon will come to them in the form of a gorgeous woman who is very curvaceous, desirable, and alluring. Anyone who comes in contact with her will be at her mercy sooner or later. It is said that the more they fight the temptation, the more aroused this demoness will get as it will mean their fall from grace will be even more satisfying.  Behind her gorgeous looks and sex appeal lies an unholy creature that is so horrific anyone who dares to lay eyes on her in her true monstrous form and survive will ultimately gouge out their own eyes because the sight is so hideous that it will forever haunt them. Even without eyes, the image of this creature will be imprinted in their minds, haunting them for the rest of their mortal and immortal lives. This creature will not just prey on any clergyman or religious authority figure, she will target those with a sinful past. The bigger the sin, the worse it will be for them. Only God himself can save them from such a creature and what it has in store for you. 

I was 21 years old when I used to volunteer in the local church as part of my community service.  I was a troubled soul who had just recently gotten in trouble with the law when the local priest took me under his wing. The judge said it was either prison or community service, I was willing to go back to prison for the crime I had done. The bastard deserved it and I would do it again. But a priest took mercy on my soul and offered to take me in and let me work off my sentence for him at his church. I was never a religious person, I had been let down by God so many times.  I’d lost everyone who I had loved so dearly. I blamed God for their deaths and lost my faith along the way which led me to my own personal hell that I was now living in. But all this was about to change over the course of a week during my time at the church and working for Father Judiah.  

Father Judiah was a priest of the local Catholic church who looked to be in his early 30’s. He had reddish-blonde hair that looked more golden orange-red in the sunlight.  His eyes were a beautiful shade of hazel green and were filled with such kindness and sincerity.  His body was very fit for a priest, muscular but not like a body builder, more that of someone who kept in shape or kept their body maintained.  His voice was a deep baritone and if I could be so bold in actually saying this seeing as he was a priest, but it was actually very hot. Hell, he was hot for a priest if I had to be straight-up honest. Unlike any other priest I had ever seen before. Anyways, I am getting distracted here.   He had been a priest of this parish for the past ten years and he was also known as an exorcist, not that I believed in such things as demons, ghosts, and whatnot. 

I didn’t even know why he took me in, but I guess I could thank my lucky stars considering that from what I remember when I was last locked up, this big woman who could pass for a man swore on her very soul that she would make me her bitch. As much as I did not mind returning to prison, I knew if I was to return it would not be an easy life, at least not like the last time. I guess I should never have interfered with her bullying that poor soul on my last day there. I should have left her be in handling her business with some fresh new blood who was about to be her bitch. I cringed at the very thought of what went down behind closed doors that day.  Hmm, maybe Father Judiah saved my ass by taking me in. 

Later that day we were at his church ‘The Light Of God Church.’  It was a magnificent church, so majestic. On the inside, it was like a museum, well-maintained and incredible architecture, amazing murals on the walls and the ceilings were like something out of the holy bible itself but in art.  It was as if the great artists of history had painted these murals themselves. Whoever did the murals were truly talented. He led me to a little room behind the rectory that had a twin bed and an attached bathroom with a full tub/shower, toilet, and sink with a little mirror just above the sink. The bathroom itself was small and tight but big enough for one person. The bed had a mattress and pillow with no sheets nor blankets on it. At the end of the bed were folded blankets, pillowcase, comforter, sheets, pillow case, and some towels and a washcloth with a bar of soap, toothpaste, and toothbrush right on top. 

“This is where you will be staying, please make yourself at home, the kitchen is just downstairs to the right. Please be ready for dinner in an hour, we will discuss your duties and what will be expected of you here at The Light Of God once you are settled in.” Father Judiah said. With that I entered the room, thanking him as he left so that I could get situated.

Looking around the room, I slowly walked over to the bed and placed my little, tattered suitcase on the bed.  I started to unpack and put my clothes away in the appropriate places. There was a dresser next to the bathroom where I placed my panties, bras, and nightclothes as well as my jeans and shirts. In the closet I hung my dresses, shirts, blouses, and things that needed hanging up. I put all the essentials that I needed for my hair, makeup, and skincare in the bathroom on the tiny counter and placed my perfumes on top of the dresser. Next I fitted up my bed with the sheets, comforter, and blankets and placed the towels, washcloths, bar of soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste in the bathroom where they belonged. It was almost dinner time and I needed to shower and freshen up. 

Once I showered, I placed my hair in a ponytail, put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and went downstairs to the kitchen for dinner.  In the kitchen, I could tell something was not right. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as I looked around for Father Judiah but he was not anywhere to be seen and everything seemed to be as they should be.  Still, I could sense something was seriously not right. A soft floral fragrance drifted in smelling like lilacs which was odd as I thought it was only Father Judiah and I in the church. I shrugged it off, maybe is someone else living here or someone who work here. Whoever it was it was none of my business as I was here to work off my community service and get back into the society where I truly belonged.  

“Hello, you must be Monique,” came a woman’s voice that was filled with confidence and authority. I turned around to see who it belonged to only to find a woman who was very attractive with long, gorgeous, silky, fiery red hair in waves of curls that framed her almost perfect face. She had bright green eyes and her skin was a deep tan with a beauty mark just on the left side of her chin. Her lips were full and red. Her body was that of a super supermodel, the dress she had on was form-fitting with a low-cut bodice that showed off her large cleavage as she walked in the room wearing at least 5 inch stilettos. She had very long legs and curves in all the right places. “Who was she and how did she know my name?” I wondered.

“Yes, my name is Monique and who are you? I was not aware of anyone else being here as Father Judiah never mentioned you to me -- not that it is any of my business,” I said as I watched her walk over to the stove to stir a large pot of soup that smelled good. ‘Looks like she is a good cook too or at least that is how it smells’ I thought to myself

Laughing, she said, “Aww, he must have forgotten that I would be arriving today. My name is Azaria  DiLeon, I am a very good friend of Father Judiah. He will be down shortly. It is a pleasure to meet you, Monique”

I still felt uneasy around this Azaria as something about her did not seem natural but I tried to shrug it off as.  It was none of my business who she was and why she was here. It was not my place to judge. “It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Azaria and thank you for letting me know about Father Judiah” I said as I took a seat at the table. 

There was another smell underneath the lilac fragrance, one that was not pleasant. It was like the faded scent of decay.  It was almost as if there was something retuning right there in the same room as Azaria and I.  I looked around to see if I could see any dead rodents or small animals in the corners or something.  I didn’t see anything out of place. As faded as that decay odor was, it was still just strong enough -- as if it was close by yet I could not put my finger on what and where it was coming from. It was almost nauseating and sickening. I was starting to lose my appetite. No matter how good the soup smelled and as strong as that sweet lilac fragrance was, I could not ignore that faded scent of decay and rot.  

Moments later Father Judiah entered the room and took a seat next to me at the table, looking at Azaria with longing in his eyes. Something told me they were more than good friends but that was none of my business. 

“I see you met my good friend, Azaria, and I am sorry I did not tell you about her sooner. I was not aware of her coming for a visit till just now,” he said apologetically.

“It’s okay, it’s really none of my business. But really it is no big deal.” I said

“Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to business on what you will be doing here for your community service. You will pretty much be doing a little bit of everything from cleaning the entire church and keeping it looking tidy and neat to gardening, cooking and anything else that we see fit. But most importantly we have a little project that is just right for you. In the basement there is a little room that is in the furthest corner of the basement where we store ancient artifacts that have been blessed.  We need you to document everything that is in that room and make sure all is well in that room. We need that room, especially, cleaned and maintained.” He said, looking at me with a deep intensity in his eyes silently conveying how serious of a matter it was to him.

That didn’t sound like much and pretty easy to boot, this I could handle. Anything was better than prison life. “Sure, I can handle that and do all that is needed to be done,” I said.

Later that night, once we got through with dinner and I washed up the dishes, pots, and pans, I was heading back to my room when I heard a strange noise coming from Father Judiah’s bedroom. He was not alone, it was the voice of Azaria.  Soft moans came from the room and growls followed soon after. I could only assume he was making up for lost time with Azaria and that clearly was not any of my business. I continued on my way to my room to get ready for bed and get to sleep as I had to be up at sunrise the next morning.

That night in Father Judiah’s room, Azaria was teasing him in ways no woman should ever tease a man of God. But she did not care about his vows as she knew he had a weakness of the flesh and could not resist her seduction.  Slowly she unhooked her thin, red lace bra and her enormous breasts spilled out right in front of Father Judiah only inches away from his mouth as he licked his lips slowly. Her nipples were erect and hard, begging for him to lick them as she stood there in the nude with only her silk bikini thongs on. Her body was so perfect that it should be a sin.  

Father Judiah was holding on to every fiber of his being to control himself, but it was proving to be very useless.  He was slowly giving into temptation.  He reached out to take her enormous breasts in his hands, squeezing them slowly, his eyes wide with excitement and arousal.  He was at her mercy and she knew it. Smiling wickedly, she loved it. Her green eyes glinted as the iris turned red and she watched him closely, licking her lips.  She felt his hot breath on her large erect nipples, closed her eyes and threw her head back in pure pleasure and delight, enjoying the feel of his hot tongue wrapping itself around her large throbbing erect nipples.  

“Yes, give in to me. Give in to your temptation and let me set your soul free,” she said as she moaned.

He closed his eye in pure ecstasy giving himself over to the sweet sinful temptation that he knew he would deeply regret later.  Now was not the time to think as he was lost in ecstasy and desire. At her very mercy, he was.  She grabbed his head and pressed her enormous breast into his face, making it hard for him to breath but he didn’t care.  Her sweet fragrance intoxicated his senses.  He tasted the sweet milk that flowed from her enormous breasts getting drunk on it and falling even further under her spell.  

His cock was now enormous in size with veins popping out and it was hard as fuck, near the point of numbness.  Slowly he pushed her thin lace thongs to the side, feeling the smoothness of her shaved pussy and lightly caressing it.  She moaned softly then he felt the nub of her clit that was now popping out and throbbing deeply. He rubbed around the most sensitive bits making her cry out more.  Sweet wetness covered his fingers as he continued to run his fingers around her large throbbing clit before moving over to her hot, tight, wet hole. He felt just how tight and wet she was as he inserted two fingers into her, thrusting slowly.  She arched her back deeply, her voice changing as she growled. It almost sounded inhuman but he never noticed, he just continued to fingerfuck her till she exploded all over his fingers.  As she squirted there was a funny smell, but he was so far under her spell that he never even realized it. Again, the scent of decay and rot but this time it was strong. 

Looking up at her beautiful face and body, he pulled her to him and slowly she sat on his massive hard cock that was ready and waiting for her, precum now forming on the tip.  She rocked back and forth, rotating her hips slowly as she ground down on his massive hard cock.  Her eyes were now red and her teeth were not that of a human woman’s but of something else…. something otherworldly and her tongue was that of a serpent, split in the middle.  Again, he was unaware of all that was happening because he was so intoxicated with lust and desire.  

As they both moved in the same rhythm and motion…thrusting together as one, her beautiful skin slowly turned into something hideous. Skin that resembled that of a corpse in the process of decaying with maggots and flies surrounding it.  Her hair was no longer a beautiful bright shade of red but now a dull shade red, dried with split ends and very thin -- almost bald.  Her long, beautiful nails were now long and raggedy -- like claws. She felt a familiar sensation wash over her as she was about to cum again all over his massively hard cock.  He sensed it too, unaware of what he was fucking, clueless to it all because of how she’d bewitched him and had him under her seductive powers.  Deep inside of her womb, he exploded like an erupting volcano.  She exploded as well in a squirt that was massive.  

Once she came, the hideous creature that she had become melted back into the beautiful woman that she was before.  Smiling wickedly, she knew he had just fertilized an egg and that she was with child.  What she had just done with this priest was an abomination to mankind. The world as we knew it was about to be royally fucked thanks to Father Judiah’s one weakness, “Weakness To The Flesh”.