Entering the room, the strong stench of sourness violated my nose. “What in the fresh hell is that smell?” I asked. It smelled as if something, or to be more exact, it smelled as if someone had died in the tiny, dingy motel room. “Jesus!” I said as I looked around. I was supposed to meet the hooker they called, “The Lady of the Night” in this very motel room. 

In the distance, I heard what sounded like something large, heavy, and wet sliding across a hard floor. Walking cautiously down the tiny hall, I heard a low guttural breathing coming from the direction of the bathroom, the smell of sourness grew stronger and stronger as I drew closer towards it. It was low and disgusting, like someone was morbidly obese. Something I was all too familiar with because my ex-fiancée was morbidly obese and died due to the stress on her heart. 

It was a damn shame too as it was preventable, she could have done something about it but chose not to. Pausing as I heard a door open, the creak of the door was very loud. It must have been the bathroom as steam poured out into the tiny hallway. Nearly gagging on the horrid, sour stench alone, I grabbed a tissue from the side table and covered my nose with it. 

I was feeling lightheaded when I saw something appear in front of me. But I could not get a good look at it as my vision was getting blurry and I felt as if I were about to faint at any second. Last thing I saw, was a gorgeous blonde woman hovering over me in a white robe. 

As I reawakened, I found myself in a strange room that looked a lot like a cellar, not like the tiny motel room I was in earlier. The strong sour stench was still there but this time there was something different about it. It was fouler as if something was dead and rotting nearby. A cold draft blew across the room making me shiver, it was not the time of year where it would be this chilly. 

Looking down at my clothes, I noticed they were all tattered and I was covered in mud. I heard a soft moan coming from next to me, looking over to my side I saw a young woman lying on the ground in a thin tattered dress. She was covered in dried up blood along with dried up mud. Her eye makeup was a mess from crying. She looked up at me with horror deep in her eyes.

“Please help me,” she whispered softly. 

“What is this place?” I asked looking around. 

“I do not know, I just know there is a bloodthirsty creature here that feeds on human blood. And if it feeds from me anymore, I am sure I will not make it,” she whispered.

“What do you mean by bloodthirsty creature?” I asked. 

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes, “This creature is unlike any I have ever seen or heard of. At first it appears to you in its human form, but when you least expect it, it turns into this grotesque creature with enormous razor-sharp fangs that will rip your head off if you piss it off,” she said.

Looking down at her hands, they were shackled just like mine. We were trapped, at this creature’s mercy. In the distance I heard the same guttural heavy breathing I heard from within the motel room. That sound again, as if something large and heavy was being dragged across the ground coming towards us and that horrid stench grew stronger and stronger with each passing second. “Dear God! What is that horrid stench?!” I said, feeling lightheaded again. 


“It is the creature and it is actually a toxic fume that will cause you to faint,” she said. 


“How can we kill it?” I asked.


“That’s the thing. You can’t.” 


“What do you mean I can’t?” 


“All I know is this thing has been around for thousands of years and it absorbs its victims into itself. The rancid odor you are breathing in is meant to make you weaker and weaker so that you won’t have the ability to fight back. Within the next few hours when you are at your weakest, it will come to you and absorb you. Some call it an Abomination of God. This creature was once an immensely powerful and wealthy man so obsessed with the two that he thought he was God himself. As punishment for being so vain and greedy, God stripped him of all his power and wealth. He cursed him with an eternity of darkness and the insatiable hunger and lust for human blood.” She said pausing looking at me as I listened.

She continued speaking, “Over time this man who was once the most handsome in his village became a grotesque bloblike creature that was so hideous to look at they ran him out of the village. The Villagers said he was an Abomination to both mankind and God. They say that God should have killed him instead of cursing him to live out its eternity here on earth. Many tried to kill him and as a result they were the ones who got killed when this creature absorbed them into him.”

“There has to be more to this. There has to be some way to kill this creature.” I said. 

This could not be the actual answer, every creature had a vulnerability or weakness where you can take it down and kill it. Suddenly I was face to face with this abomination. Its hideous face was only mere inches away from my own and its breath was as rancid as that horrid stench I’d been breathing in since this whole nightmare started. Its eyes glowed red and it had no body structure. It looked like one of those morbidly obese individuals who were a quarter pounder away from a cardiac arrest, bed ridden, or wheelchair bound. If I could only prevent myself from breathing in that toxic fume, I could gain enough strength to go up against it and hopefully kill it. Anything would help. 

It moved in closer to my face and sniffed me, inhaling deeply it let out a pleasurable moan. Disgusted by this, I inched back and the more I inched back the more it crept up closer. Slowly it licked my face with its disgusting tongue covered in enormous warts with pus coming out of them. Its breath alone was much worse than the sour stench. Its breath smelled of rot and decay. Holding my breath as it continued to lick me, I closed my eyes shut tightly. Begging God to show some mercy on my soul. To give me some way or the strength to kill this thing so we could escape this prison. 

Slowly the creature backed away from me looking at me, there was something in its eyes. It almost looked like fear, something about me had this creature scared. This could be my way out. If it feared me, I would have the upper hand and with that I could end its disgusting life. It turned around and slithered its way out of the room leaving behind a thick trail of slime that reeked. The smell of his snail trail was just too much, so much I had to vomit. Running into the furthest corner, I vomited. The young woman arrived behind me and began to softly rub my back and comfort me. It was the first time since I met her, I saw a soft side of her. 

Turning towards her as I wiped the residual vomit from my mouth, I asked “What is your name?” 

Walking over to a small table which had a pitcher of water and two glasses by its side. Taking a small glass in my hand, I poured out some water and bought it up to my lips where I took a sip. The taste of the fresh cool water helped with removing the foul taste of vomit from my mouth. I took another sip, swooshing the water around in my mouth before turning to the side and spitting out the water. Taking another sip, this time drinking it. My mouth was dry, but I was cautious. I can only pray that what I was ingesting was actually water and not something else made to look like water and actually wasn’t.

“My name is Elenora, but my friends call me Ellie,” she said smiling at me warmly. 


“How long have you been trapped in here?” I asked turning towards her. 


“Not long, few days now,” she said watching me.


“How do you know so much about this creature and what it really is?” I asked, curiosity pricked at me. 


“I have been studying this creature for some time now. I honestly did not believe that such a creature actually existed. I always thought it was mythical, fictional.” 


“Why did you think that way?” 


“Because this creature is said to be extinct. The last time it was seen was back in biblical times where God destroyed it in the flood.” 


“Well, I guess this one got away,” I said laughing softly.


“Apparently but still, such creatures are not supposed to exist. These creatures were wiped out hundreds of years ago. I don’t understand how this one came to be?” She seemed confused.


“Didn’t you say it was around for thousands of years, you seemed sure of its existence when you were telling me its history. Why is it so hard to believe now?” I asked confused.


“Yes, true but it suddenly dawned on me that this creature is not supposed to exist. That it was wiped out during the Great Flood. Unless…” she said turning around to walk away slowly deep in thought before continuing, “Unless someone made this one, either that or they summoned one of the old ones.” She contemplated as if she was asking me for answers. 


“I don’t know. I don’t know anything about these things.” 


“If what I think is true, then there is someone out there making such creatures or summoning them to this time to destroy humanity. Who would do such a thing?” she asked me again as if I had all the answers. 


“Again, I know nothing about such things. You are the only one who has the answers to such questions. But when it was just in here it looked at me and it looked as if it was somewhat afraid of me.” 

“There is a prophecy that says there will come a mortal man who will be strong and powerful enough to kill these creatures. These creatures will know this mortal and they will fear him. It is very possible you could be this mortal who could kill it.” 


“Why did you not tell me any of this earlier?” 


“I wasn’t even sure myself until I saw how it looked at you and acted around you with my own eyes. So, I thought not to say anything till I was certain. You just confirmed it when you said you felt as if it was somewhat afraid of you.” 

Lightly she touched my face staring into my eyes as if she were searching for something. Her own eyes yearning for something, something that was beyond my comprehension. Yet I could feel it in that very moment in time. A connection which bonded us, a strong bond unlike any other. Lowering my head, I softly kissed her. Her tiny tongue lightly flicked the tip of my own, inviting me to kiss her deeper. She felt and smelled so good, the horrid stench which sickened my stomach was now a distant memory and all I could smell was her. She smelled like heaven and I craved more than just a kiss from her but something else completely. I moaned softly as I deepened the kiss, pulling her closer. Moving down to her neck, I lightly nipped at it eliciting a soft moan from her. She ran her hands through my hair as I continued to nibble lightly on her neck drawing out more sweet heavenly sounds from her as I did so. Growling softly, I lift up her dress to feel her soft moist pussy. Finding her now swollen clit begging to be touched. I gently flicked the tip and she moaned with pure desire. 

She unbuckled my pants and reached in to feel just how hard I was. Her touch alone elicits such a moan from me, that she looked up at me with tender eyes. She was just as hungry as I was. Ever so gently, she stroked my now rock-hard cock making it harder and thicker with each tiny delicate stroke, I groaned in frustration. I dug my nails into her soft flesh to hold back from just taking her. She continued to watch me with those eyes of hers now filled with something dark and intense. Drunk with desire and hunger for her, I was oblivious to what was going on here. 


As she gently removed her dress revealing her beautiful curvaceous body. I was so intoxicated on her pheromones and beauty, that I did not see it was all an illusion. An illusion to hide this thing that stood before me was a grotesque creature from the deepest bowels of hell. An illusion that would trap me in its grasps as it sucked the very life from me as it absorbed me into it. By the time I realize what was going on, it was too late for me. My fate was already sealed in my own blood. The last thing I saw was this enormous thing, that was once a gorgeous curvaceous woman, now a thing of horror with a toxic fume to match its grotesque looks. 


It was a beautiful trap, a gorgeous curvaceous woman to lure its victims into its grasp. By the time they realize what was happening it would be too late for them to do anything about it. I never thought, I would die like this. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect for a thing that only comes from one’s nightmares would take my precious life. A life destined for greatness. I had so much I wanted to accomplish out of life. Become a successful writer. Marry a beautiful woman who would be the mother of my children. And this thing, this hideous thing, this abomination on mankind had stolen what was most precious from me. My hopes, my dreams, and so much more. The last thing I heard was the slow pulsating suction sounds of my body being sucked into this creature’s grotesque bloblike body.