By day, he was a rancher who took care of his ailing father, John Nelson. But come nightfall, Red Nelson, the sexy cowboy of Angel Falls, became the hottest eye candy to grace the dance floors of the infamous club “The Big Cock,” a secret gay club, and popular sex pick-up center. Red led a secret life that no one, except for his girlfriend, knew about; not even his father knew he had a secret lifestyle. A life where he could freely come out of the closet and be his true self without fear of being judged. If there was one thing he learned, growing up in this little town of Angel Falls, it’s that being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or even questioning your sexuality, fetches you the golden ticket to ostracization, and weird looks. He knows they would never accept him for who he truly is; so for many years, he posed as a heterosexual, while living in the closet all the time. The only soul that knew his secret was his girlfriend Linda Sinclair, the English Teacher, at Angel Falls High. They had an arrangement, where they would pose as a happy couple who were madly and deeply in love while they lived separate lives behind closed doors. So far, it had worked perfectly and everyone is happy.

The song “Porn star,” by Russ P, blared through the speakers as Red began to strut down towards the stage. The audience grew wild with excitement, once they laid eyes on him. Stepping to the beat of the song, he started to sway his hips in a very sensual way, rousing the audience even more. The entire club erupted in a wild frenzy of catcalls, whistles, and cheers.


“Coming on to the stage is our Sexy Cowboy, THE STALLION OF ANGEL FALLS!” The DJ loudly yells through the microphone, drawing out his introduction of the crowd’s favorite, Red continues his dramatic entrance to the stage.

Hitting the stage, Red began to slowly dance his way around, teasing each and every man who sat close to the platform. They were all love struck, staring in awe at his gorgeous body, while drooling and weaving fantasy around the man candy, standing before them and teasing them with his dance steps. Red was no expert at stripping. In fact, he was new to dancing—only just starting a few months ago. He had learned from the best; his teacher Linda was a former stripper herself.

Tonight, he wore a very sexy cowboy outfit, which was very revealing and hotter than hot. The men couldn’t stop gawking. Although the club was named, “The Big Cock,” dancers were not allowed to display their cocks on stage. It was only permitted behind closed doors, for paying customers. Tonight, he had a hot date with Fernando Sanchez, his regular client from the big city. Fernando is seated directly in front of Red, watching with pride and amusement as he walked right up to the pole, and practically made slow passionate love to it. Every eye was on Red; he slowly got on all fours and crawled over to Fernando, with their faces only inches apart, he flicked his tongue provocatively, coaxing Fernando’s own tongue to come out and play. Fernando yields fully to the wordless seduction, and closes his eyes slowly. What started out as a tease, had now turned into a hungry, passionate kiss, as Fernando feverishly locked lips with Red. Slowly pulling away from Fernando, his eyes are still locked with Fernando’s, one set danced with a glint of mischief and the other set was dark, and intense, with unbridled passion. He then leisurely walked away, swaying his hips to the beat of the song.

Edward Maya’s “Stereo Love,” began to play, and Red started to undress slowly, giving the audience what they so desperately wanted. With a wicked grin on his lips, Red looked around him, basking in the moment as the men in the room inched closer to the stage, waiting to see what lies beneath the clothing. He started with the vest, nonchalantly removing it and then tossing it to the side, where it landed on the head of an older man. The man quickly takes it off of his head, held it close to his nose, and inhaled deeply, closing his eyes in euphoria. Red watched the man for a while with a satisfied smirk on his lips, and then began to unbuckle his cowboy chaps that exposed his firm muscular ass. As he did so, he slapped his ass, the sound of his hand hitting his flesh echoing across the room. Once the buckle was undone, he yanked the chaps off to expose a barely-there, skimpy, silk thong that showed off his monstrously thick cock. All eyes in the room widened in disbelief at just how endowed he really was. A few groans were heard from the worst affected love-struck fans, who could only watch and dream. Fernando looks around smiling proudly, knowing that Red was his, and his alone. He loved the fact that the other men were in awe of Red’s cock, and he couldn’t be prouder of Red.



Fernando had just exploded deep inside Red’s tight ass, letting out a loud powerful roar as he climaxed, while Red stroked himself taking pleasure in the fact that he had just made Fernando cum for the fifth time in a row, and that he was still hungry for more. Pulling away from Fernando, Red turned around, pushed him back on the bed and flipped him on all fours as he grabbed him by the hips, and rammed deeply into Fernando’s tight ass, making him groan in pure pleasure, and ecstasy. The deeper Red thrusted, Fernando clutched harder onto the bed sheets, as he took Red’s enormous cock deep inside of him.

They were not alone tonight; Fernando’s wife had also joined them. It was a marriage of convenience, between Garcella, and Fernando. They had agreed to wed one another to make their parents happy. Without Garcella as his wife, Fernando would not see a dime of his inheritance. Domingo Sanchez, Fernando’s father was against his sexual orientation from the very beginning. When he first came out of the closet to his parents, Domingo had looked at him in a disapproving manner and said, “You will not see a dime of your inheritance, if you continue with this homosexual lifestyle. If you do not marry by your 26th birthday, you will be disinherited!”

Devastated by his father’s rejection, and the ultimatum his father had given him, Fernando confided in his best friend, Garcella Suarez. It was she who came up with the brilliant idea that they should marry. A marriage of convenience that benefitted the both of them, as her father, Elgio Suarez, had done the very same thing to her. Only in her case, he demanded she be married and give him a grandchild by the age of 30, or else he will disinherit her. Elgio was worse than Domingo, he ruled his household with an Iron grip. There was no room for disappointment especially with his sons: Marcos, Juan, and Enrique. Both the Suarez, and Sanchez families hailed from the heart of Mexico, and were among the wealthiest families in the country. Garcella was well aware of Fernando’s relationship with Red and she often enjoyed threesomes with the both of them.

She was a greedy vixen who loved nothing more than to have two gorgeous men love her, even if they were homosexuals and more into each other than her. It didn’t matter to her, as long as she got sexual satisfaction from their little tryst in bed. She crawled into bed, in-between them. Red went down to her clean-shaven pussy and started to flick her tiny little clit ever so tenderly as she watched. Fernando began to massage her voluptuous breasts; he then took one nipple in his mouth and wrapped his tongue around it, soon he sank his teeth deeply into its sweet thickness. Garcella moaned softly as both men devoured her alive. Red bit the sensitive tip of her clit ever so lightly, making her squirt just a little bit, while Fernando began to kiss his way down to her shaven pussy, where he and Red kissed deeply, wanting the attention back to her, she sat up and took both their heads in her hands, then moved them over to her face. Fernando teased her by flicking her tongue gently, Red lightly licked her now swollen wet clit, teasing and licking to give her maximum pleasure. She purred softly, looking deeply into her husband’s eyes and smiling seductively. Red moved in closer to her face, and she turned towards him and slowly licked the tip of his tongue, tasting her juice on his lips, while Fernando softly kissed her neck, moving his hand towards her tight pussy. Fernando inserted one finger into her, feeling the dripping wetness; he hesitated momentarily before penetrating her deeply with just that finger. Red claimed her tongue and deepened their kiss, taking her breath away.

She was now dripping wet, and crying out softly, as the two men took her deeper, and deeper into ecstasy, leaving her panting and breathing heavily. Fernando thrusted deeper into her womb, hitting that one spot that seems to drive her crazy, while Red claimed her mouth once again to stifle her moan. Unable to take any more, she tore her lips from his mouth, and reach down to grab his enormous cock. As if on cue, he got on his knees so that she could take it into her mouth. She took his entire thick, and juicy cock into her mouth and began to suck on it deeply, all the while Fernando stroked his own cock slowly, watching her take all of Red into her mouth. Fernando was now rock hard and thick. Positioning himself in a way, he was practically lying on her, and the tip of his thick cock rubbing on the opening of her tight wet pussy. She felt its hardness and she moaned softly as he slowly entered her, inch by inch. Her pussy clenched around his thick cock, as it entered her, making him harder and thicker. Once deep inside of her, he moved his hips ever so slowly till he hit that sweet spot that always sent her off the cliff. She pulled her mouth away from Red’s thick cock and let out a loud cry of pleasure as Fernando hit that sweet spot.

Hearing her cry out in pain and pleasure, he increased his speed, ramming harder and deeper into her tightness, making her scream more in pain. He felt her long manicured nails dig deep into his flesh as she took all of him, pulling her up towards him so that she was now sitting on his lap and grinding deeply onto his cock. Red moved in from behind, finding her extremely sensitive clit and began rubbing it, making her wetter, and wetter, and flicking that sweet nub every now and then. Waves of intensity washed over her as she let out a loud painful cry which arouses both men even more. They were hungry for her, craved her; needing her to explode all over their cocks tonight. Unable to take any more, she exploded all over her husband’s cock as Red, laid below her and licked up every drop of both Garcella’s and Fernando’s cum, as it dripped out of her tight pussy hole. He started off licking her sore dripping, wet, tight pussy lightly, then moved over to Fernando’s enormous cum covered ball sack, he licked them slowly, tasting his heat.

Fernando was still inside of Garcella, and rock hard; the feeling of Red lightly licking his base, and ball sack, made him even harder, he pulled away from Garcella and hungrily kissed Red deeply before flipping him over on all fours and ramming deep inside of him. He exploded deep inside of Red. Both men let out powerful roars as they cum together while Garcella watched, fingering herself and squirting as they both came together.



Five Months Ago…

I had just started dancing for “The Big Cock,” and it was my second night there. In, walks this fine-as-all-fuck, dark skinned Latino, with gorgeous, sparkling, hazel green eyes, and a smile that would make your knees go weak at first glance. It all started so sweet and innocent, just a paying patron enjoying my nightly shows till one night after I got off, he pulls me aside in some dark alley, where he feverishly kisses me taking my breath away.

“I want you here and now,” he says in a low husky whisper instantly making me rock hard. Turning me around to face the brick wall, he slams me up against the wall; and then he quickly unbuckles my pants and yanks it down to the ground. Next thing I feel is his massive rock-hard cock ramming deep into my tight ass.  I cry out in pure pleasure, as he takes me right then and there. “I want to hear you scream louder,” he whispers again in my ear, in a demanding tone.

He was a dominant, I fucking loved it. I let out another passionate cry as he thrust deeper into me, I felt his body tense up behind me as he came deep inside of me. As he came, he groaned, and hissed through his clenched teeth, digging his nails deep into my muscular hips. “Mmmm, fuck! You feel so fucking good!” he said, turning me around, he kissed me deeply and with such passion.


“What’s your name?”


“Red Nelson, and yours?”


“Fernando Sanchez.”


“Nice to meet you,” I said, turning around to face him, smiling, as I pulled up my pants and got myself together. He too, pulled up his own pants and pulled himself together.


“Are you a new dancer?”

“I sure am. Just started last night.”

“You’re pretty damn sexy.”


And ever since that night, we’ve been together. He has been my regular and reserved me almost every night after my show. The man was an animal in bed and fuck, I fucking loved it. One night, he looked all serious and deep in thought. We had just made hot passionate love. Looking up at me, he says, “I am married.”


“Oh, yeah?”




“And you are telling me this just now?”

“I was afraid that me being married, may turn you off.”


I sat there, deep in thought for a moment. It was true, normally I would turn any married man away, but there was something about Fernando that had me hooked on him like a junkie hooked on crack. Him being married did not bother me. It should, but it doesn’t. Looking up at him, I smiled and said with a wink, “Maybe we can invite your spouse to join us one night.”


“Actually, she knows about us and would like to join us sometime.”


I raised an eyebrow, surprise to hear this bit of news. “Oh, really now?”


“Yes, really.”

“Well then, that changes things. Invite her tomorrow night and let’s spice things up.”


He smiles when I say this and grabs my face with his both hands, kisses me deeply and says, “You won’t regret this. I promise. But first, I need you to promise me something.”


I looked at him concerned as his facial expression had grown serious, “What is it?”


“I am only doing this for my wife, to spice up our sex life; since I am unable to give her any children. She is off limits. She has a reputation of cheating on me and she is on her last strike. If I find out that she is cheating on me again, I will leave her and this is something which she does not want. And you are off limits to her as well. The only time you two are allowed to be around each other is when I am around. If I see or hear you two meeting up behind my back, I’m done with the both of you. You hear that?”


“Of course, I totally understand and you can trust me with her. I am strictly all for the dick, pussy don’t interest me or even get me hard.”


Or so I thought.


The next night when I laid eyes on the woman, I almost forgot for a moment I was homosexual. The woman was dead sexy and had me rock hard at first sight. She looked like a Goddess, with her gorgeous bronze skin. She had catlike eyes that were filled with mystery and darkness. Her silky jet-black hair cascaded down to her curvaceous waist. She wore a dress that looked as if it was a part of her. It molded to her form.  She was a curvaceous woman with enormous breasts that looked as if they were about to spill out of her low cut skin tight dress at any moment. Her lips were full and red. I haven’t felt this way about a woman since my teenage days, before I came out of the closet. Ever since that moment, I was under her dark mysterious spell. Whenever she'd ring, I would come running like a lovesick puppy. Fernando’s warning of her being off limits went out the window.

She and I would meet up anytime Fernando was out of town on business trips, making hot passionate love till the sun rose and we could not go anymore. I was beginning to question if I was truly a homosexual or not. I thought maybe I was really bisexual. But I shook it off as I always preferred men to women, but she remained an exception. She was the one woman who manages to stir something deep inside of me, which no man has ever done before. I was seriously beginning to doubt my sexuality.

One morning, as we lay in bed covered in sweat after having hot passionate sex, I asked her, “What is it about you that draw me to you as no other? Not even Fernando has this effect on me. I’m seriously beginning to question my sexuality here.”

She then looked at me with a secretive, knowing smile, her dark eyes holding such a mystery. She reached out, traced my lips with her long-manicured fingernail tip and said, “That’s because I was born a male.”

“The fuck?!” I said in shock. I mean, I know I had no God given right to be shocked, seeing that I was a homosexual myself. But at the same time, I felt relieved.

“Fernando doesn’t know this. He thinks he is the reason why he can’t have children. The truth is; I don’t have the plumbing to carry a child or even give birth to a child.”

“What do you mean Fernando doesn’t know?”


“My family threatened me. They said if I was to tell anyone, especially Fernando (who they think is a heterosexual to this day,) they would disown me and I would lose my inheritance. So, I’ve kept my mouth shut and never have I risked talking about it to anyone, especially him. You are the first and only soul who knows this. And you have to swear to me, you won’t tell anyone, especially Fernando.”

“Shit, I won’t,” I said, and ever since that moment, I had not breathed a word of this to another soul, not even Fernando.


Present Time…

Red slowly opens his eyes, and looks around the room. He notices that the room had been trashed, the overhead lights were flickering, temporarily illuminating the room; on, and off, it went, leaving a feeling of dread in his clenched stomach. There was something unsettling about this place and Red felt it. Sitting up, he looks around and notices a body lying very still on the floor across the room, Red could see the brownish-red puddle had formed around the body. The silhouette of the body made her out to be a woman, and she looked pretty beat up. Slowly getting up, Red winces as he felt an unusual soreness, his body ached and he Red winced, as he stood. Upon looking down at his own naked body, Red realizes that he was covered in blood. Panic threatens to takeover, but he slowly walks over to the woman lying on the floor. She looked very familiar, and then it suddenly dawned on him. It was none other than Garcella, Fernando’s wife. He reaches down, places his index and middle finger on her neck; her skin was cold to the touch and she had no pulse. Red jumps back in shock. “What the fuck happened?!” he wondered. Looking around to see if anyone else was in the room, Red sees no one, he panics, grabs his clothes, and quickly take off. He didn’t want anyone to place him in the same location as the dead body, and he wasn’t going down as the prime suspect in her murder either. Red still had no idea what the fuck happened, nor who had murdered Garcella. All he remembers was waking up butt-ass naked in that shitty room, and covered in what seemed to be Garcella’s blood.