It was a robbery gone horribly wrong. It all started out so perfectly that I honestly thought we were about to get away with it.   A simple bank robbery – that was the plan.  I was in the vault snatching up every bundle of cash and every valuable I could get my dirty hands on while my crew continued to get what they could get from the tellers.  We had no mercy, not even for the customers who were cowering on the floor doing whatever it took to stay alive to not make matters worse. 

What happened next was something I did not see coming, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever expected this to happen to me.  Something that caught me so off guard, I nearly shit myself when I saw it with my own eyes.  I was in the vault, cleaning it out when suddenly I heard this very low snarling coming from just outside. The sound was so loud that I almost thought it was a low roll of thunder from outside, but the sound kept coming closer and closer, almost as if it was in the vault, right next to me. I suddenly realized that the sound was coming from within the bank itself.   Paralyzed with fear that soon crept its way up my body, but I shook it off. I could not go out like this.  I had to do something if I was to survive. 

There was a sickening, rancid odor in the air that reminded me of sour dog breath, only ten times worse.  Quickly, I ran up to the heavy steel wall of the vault and quietly crept along towards the entrance, to investigate what was going on just outside.  As I drew near, an enormous paw appeared on the threshold with razor-sharp claws. I looked for some kind of sharp object to use as a weapon to protect myself, I had to be quick about it.  Lying on the floor in front of me was six feet of silver cable wire.  It wasn’t much -  nor did I think it would do much harm to this creature -  but there was a strong chance I could maybe strangle it.  I had the muscle power to do so. It was a big risk, but it was worth the try.  Now was not the time to let reality get the best of me, this was a time for survival of the fittest.  Despite how big this creature was, I wasn’t about to go out like that, killed by some mysterious creature that I had never seen before.

Sliding closer to the entrance as the creature entered the room, I was waiting for my chance to catch it by surprise and hopefully be able to strangle it.   Once it was fully in the room with its back to me, I took my chance and jumped on its back.  This creature, which closely resembled a wolf but more monstrous, seemed like it had come from a horror movie.  But now was not the time to make such observations –  it was either kill or be killed.  Throwing me up against the wall as it fought to get me off of its back, I took the silver cable wire and quickly wrapped it around the wolf’s neck.  A hot sizzling hissing sound came from the silver cable as it hit this creature’s skin and it let out a thunderous roar as we both struggled. This creature wasn’t about to give up without a good fight as I tightened the wire around its neck, gurgling sounds came from deep within its throat. A sound which meant it was near death, struggling to breathe.


Its claws had caught my leg during the struggle, sharp pain shooting out from the deep gash it had created.  I cried out in pain and looked down, cringing.  The wound was deep, exposing torn muscles and my femur had snapped with the sharp edge sticking out of my leg.  Blood was pouring out and I had to tend to it before I lost too much blood.  It wouldn’t be long before this savage beast met its death, only seconds away. 

The monster was getting weaker and weaker by the moment and finally, it was on the ground, struggling to breathe. When it was no longer struggling nor had the strength to come for me, I crawled off of its back. The deep glow in its eye faded away with the life that was draining from its body with its last breaths.  I slowly backed away watching in horror, the sharp pain that shot out from my wound now beyond bearable.  In the distance, I heard sirens and dimly recalled that I was in the middle of a robbery that had gone horribly wrong. I struggled to collect the cash and valuables that I had already managed to snatch, all the while keeping a careful eye on this lifeless beastlike creature lying in front of me.  Before leaving the vault, I made a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and hobbled along the wall to the back entrance of the building. 

Looking back at it now, I really should have stayed to make sure this creature was dead instead of just making an escape, even with the cops close by.  It was a near- fatal mistake that would soon come back to haunt me. 


It was morning and my inner beast was anxious. Something was seriously wrong and I hated being so vulnerable right at this very moment. My inner beast was dying to be unleashed.   As much as I wanted to unleash him, it was a risk I could not afford to take unless it was absolutely necessary. 

I was still unable to shake off that disturbing dream I had the night before, it felt more like a premonition than an ordinary dream. I was taught to never take such a dream for granted nor to ignore it because such dreams could end up saving my ass when I least expected it. 

The door slowly opened and in came the beauty who had taken me into her home.  As anxious as my beast was he still hungered for her sweet soft flesh.  Warning bells were going off in my head warning me to be very careful but who was I to deny my body such sweet pleasures.  Even my inner beast was open to welcoming such a beautiful creature into my bed, injury and all.  She was carrying a tray filled with food from fresh fruit to toast to eggs and bacon down to oatmeal with not just a hot cup of tea but also orange juice and a glass of milk.

She was still in her nightgown which was very thin and transparent exposing her curves and breasts as she walked.  My eyes wandered over her body, watching her gently set the tray on the nightstand and sit on the edge of the bed. Her hard nipples were very visible through the very thin cloth of her nightgown. I licked my lips, slowly gazing at them and she noticed.  Her eyes sparkled as she smiled at me – a seductive smile that said she knew damn well what the fuck she was doing. 

She was a tease and I loved it. She excited me and my beast despite all the warning bells going off in my head but as I said – who was I to refuse such pleasures? I was a typical man, after all, and a hungry one at that.  She picked up a bundle of grapes and fed them to me one by one. She was very close to me and I could feel the heat of her flesh through her nightgown.  She licked her lips as she reached for the plate of eggs and bacon then proceeded to feed me.  I noticed two wet spots on the nightgown over her hard nipples and she caught me staring. 

“Oops! Excuse me! How embarrassing! I just fed my young baby and this sometimes happens when a woman is lactating. Surely you understand and I hope it’s not too distracting,” she said as she blushed softly. 

“It is perfectly okay, you are human after all and yes, women who lactate sometimes leak at the most inappropriate times. I find it very sexy, actually,” I said with a seductive smile.

She took the hint and my prayers were about to be answered. I could tell she too was hungry and not for food. 

I rubbed a wet spot where her erect nipple was teasing it and she smiled at me invitingly. She continued to watch me rub her hard erect nipple, watching it grow bigger and harder.  She set the plate back down on the tray and unbuttoned her nightgown to expose her gorgeous breasts and those large wet nipples that were still dripping milk. I licked my lips, looking at her milky nipples. She crawled on me and propped me up higher on my pillow, each movement brushing my face up against her wet nipples.  The smell of her milk filled my senses, arousing me all the more.  Sweet God, this woman would be the death of me!  Once she finished propping me up and making me more comfortable, she leaned in closer.  Almost as if she was breastfeeding a baby, she popped her large milk-filled nipple into my mouth where I proceeded to suck gently.  Her warm sweet milk soon filled my mouth intoxicating me as I continued to suck more strongly. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, moaning in pure ecstasy.  I took the large breast in my hands and squeezed tightly, feeling the milk squirt out more. Drunk on her sweet warm milk, my eyes were glassed over as if I was drunk on hard liquor. 

I quickly realized that she was not wearing any panties and her tight, hot, wet pussy was, in fact, sitting on my hard cock. I felt the tightness close in around my hard cock as I began to thrust into her.  She too began to thrust back as we moved in rhythm as if we were one.  I was ready to explode deep inside of her.  I continued to suckle her deeply, thrusting harder and deeper – the pain in my leg was unbearable, but I ignored it.  This pleasure was just too sweet to let the pain take my attention away from it.  I needed this more than anything and my beast was now trying to come out, but I held him back. 

The pleasure of it all was just too much and within moments, I exploded deep inside of her as she too reached her climactic peak with her hands still holding my face tight to her large breasts.  I felt her body stiffen as waves of pleasure washed over her and I unleashed my hot seed deep inside of her.


Licking my lips slowly, I smiled to myself.  Having a little taste of him while at the same time satisfying both of our sexual needs – I realized that this man was just too yummy to let go of, at least not so soon.  I would keep him around a bit longer.  By the time I was done with him, he would wish he had been captured by the cops that were hot on his trail not so long ago. At least with them, he would have been safer.

This poor soul had no idea what he was in for while in my clutches, trusting, foolish mortal.  I loved to feast on evildoers who were injured and helpless. It made hunting so much easier when they came right to me, unaware of the impending danger that would soon end their poor fragile life.  

My sister Latrelle soon joined me in the hallway outside of his room, her eyes filled with lust and hunger for his sweet, intoxicating blood.  Latrelle and I were identical twins who fed off of our victims who thought we were the same individual, although she was the succubus who fed off of their sexual essence and I was the vampire who fed off of their blood.  Sometimes, we would make ourselves known to our victims in a dream so that they would never suspect anything when they were awake and conscious.  

Licking her lips slowly as she closed her eyes, she said “This one is special. He is unlike any other. Can you taste it in his blood?”

Tasting the blood that still dripped from my chin, I could feel what she was saying. “Yes, I taste it now. He is indeed very different from all the others before him.  I cannot put my finger on it but something about his blood makes him stand out. Hell, I want more!” I growled, but she held me back.

“No, we mustn’t.  More than once in one night will give us away and it may kill him,” she told me.


“Tomorrow we will have our fill of him for sure.”

We headed back to our bedroom where she lay on the bed with her legs spread, waiting for me to bite into her throbbing, swollen clit.  A task I was more than happy to oblige her on.  I knew that it seemed incestuous, but we were not like mortals.  We fed off of each other. Not that we had much choice since there were no others like us in the south, where it was a rarity to meet another one of our kind.  If there were others like us, they kept it well hidden as the south was not a place to freely show our true nature.  A region with a history of enslaving their own and getting enjoyment out of tormenting other mortals who were not the same skin color as them, belittling them as if they were not even human. Now, if they did that to their own kind – what you think they would do to a supernatural being such as us? Oh, if word got out that we were supernatural who fed off of mortals – we would be so royally fucked! 

Lowering my head, I flicked the tip of her clit as she moaned softly, I ran the tip of my tongue around the rim of it where it was the most sensitive, causing her to whimper and squirm in my arms while I held onto her firmly.  I teased her, a torment of pure pleasure until she cried out softly.  Sweet nectar began to form on the tip and I licked it off greedily. Her sweet nectar only made me want more.  Growling softly, I lightly ran a fang along the smooth sides, scraping it lightly. She cried out louder as I licked the blood that flowed from the scrapes.  Her hands clutched the pillows and she bit down into her lower lips to prevent herself from crying out too loudly.  My own clit began to throb and ache from all the activities of this evening. From the attractive injured man to my very own sister, I was not sure how long I could maintain self-control over my own needs.  

I started to pleasure myself as I pleasured my sister.  She must have sensed it because she placed a hand on my own, signaling me to stop and let her take over.  Doing as she wished, she crawled to me, slowly unbuttoning my nightgown.  My breasts spilled out of it and she softly kissed the exposed flesh.  She bit softly just to tease me.  I moaned, partly in pleasure and partly in frustration wanting more.  Soon, I felt her tongue wrapping around my stiffened nipples as she sank her fangs deeply and sucking on them strongly.  I ran my finger through her soft red hair caressing her scalp lightly. 

She continued sucking as she lifted my nightgown and removed my panties. Reaching between the folds of my pussy, she entered both her index and middle fingers deep inside of my tight, hot wet pussy and began to stroke it.  I cried out softly, feeling my pussy get even wetter as she continued to penetrate it, squirting just a little bit on her fingers as she did so. We carried on like this for the next few hours, pleasuring ourselves.  Eventually, we fell into a deep slumber, worn out from the intensity of it all.