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I cordially invite you all to come and join my new community for readers, authors, PA/PR Specialists, Graphic Artists/Designers, and anyone else who is apart of the Indie Author Community.

Are you sick and tired of constantly getting banned on Facebook or even MeWe or anywhere else that holds you back from doing what you love most? Sharing your true love and passion for reading, books, and love for the authors. Are you sick and tired of Facebook constantly banning you for promoting your own books or even other authors books? Holding you back from more book exposure?

As I have mention in one of my recent posts, I have created a brand new Indie Author Community that focuses on the reader, the author, and their love for books and writing without any kind of restrictions or limitations. Where you have absolute freedom to be your true selves to promote your books and share your true love for books.

Now the chatrooms I have created, I hope you all enjoy them as well.

Here are the links:

Vampirielle Indie Author Community:

Vampirielle Chatrooms:

: : IMPORTANT MESSAGE : : I tried to make it so that you can login or register with your Facebook login credentials or even your Twitter or Google credentials, but for some reason I am having issues with that part. Give me a few days and I will get that sorted out. For now you will have to register a brand new account on each site but hopefully I will have it so that you can use your Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others login credentials to login or register on either or both sites.

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