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ScerinaElizabeth.NET New Look

ScerinaElizabeth.NET has just been updated to include all my newest upcoming book releases as well as a couple of new features. I have redone the homepage to include the following:

  • Upcoming Book Releases

  • Current Giveaways

  • Featured Short Story

  • Featured Book Trailer Video

  • Current Freebie

And in the footer of the site, I have added an "Upcoming Books Teasers" slideshow which will displayer teasers from my upcoming books.


I have chosen "THE UNHOLY" as my current FEATURED SHORT STORY. This is a short story I written awhile ago (a few years ago to be exact) which I have been dying to share with all my readers and fans. Here is a snippet from it...

"There is a story amongst clergymen or anyone of religious authority. It is said that Satan will send a demoness into the midst of any new clergyman or religious authority figure to test their faith and loyalty to god. This demoness is known as The Unholy. A demoness who will sexually arouse the clergyman or religious authority figure and when they are at their weakest point, this demoness will seduce them into damnation. But it is said such a man can resist such temptation if their will and faith in God is strong, proving them worthy of God, hence making them untouchable and unbreakable. This demon will come to them in the form of a gorgeous woman who is very curvaceous, desirable, and alluring. Anyone who comes in contact with her will be at her mercy sooner or later. It is said that the more they fight the temptation, the more aroused this demoness will get as it will mean their fall from grace will be even more satisfying. Behind her gorgeous looks and sex appeal lies an unholy creature that is so horrific anyone who dares to lay eyes on her in her true monstrous form and survive will ultimately gouge out their own eyes because the sight is so hideous that it will forever haunt them. Even without eyes, the image of this creature will be imprinted in their minds, haunting them for the rest of their mortal and immortal lives. This creature will not just prey on any clergyman or religious authority figure, she will target those with a sinful past. The bigger the sin, the worse it will be for them. Only God himself can save them from such a creature and what it has in store for you."

You can read the full story HERE


Our current freebie is a short story I written a few months ago as a way to promote an upcoming book called "Small Town Secrets & Lies". This short story is called "The Sexy Cowboy of Angel Falls" and here is the blurb:

By day he was a hard working horse rancher who was struggling to make end meet. In addition to being a rancher, he was the caretaker of his ailing father who was suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia. Not an easy job if you are doing it all by yourself knowing full well you don' t have what it takes to make sure your father gets the best care that he deserve.

To help make ends meet, Red got a job as an male escort at a private sex club on the outskirts of town where he served and pleasured wealthy older men of the big city. Although Angel Falls frowned upon homosexuals, lesbians, bi-sexuals, and even those who questioned their sexuality; Red had to do whatever it took to make ends meet before he lost everything including his father. Although he posed as an heterosexual, he was actually a homosexual living in the closet. But come night time when he is at the strip club dancing, he is free to be his true self without fear of being judged.

But Red, had a dark secret that not a soul knew about, not even his girlfriend, Linda Sinclair, who knew everything about him including his secret life as a male escort. He struggled with this little secret of his on a daily basis, it tormented him to no ends and each day it was getting harder and harder to fight, to resist. Can he keep it at bay or will it spill over into his life for all to see? Jeopardizing his life as he know it?

You can grab a *FREE COPY* of "The Sexy Cowboy of Angel Falls" on ScerinaElizabeth.NET


This book trailer is about a current #WIP which am working on called "Hells Angels of New Orleans". The release date on the trailer is incorrect as the release date is really TBD and it is not available for pre-order on Amazon. But here is the blurb for this upcoming book:

With the She-Wolves at their doors and humans nearly on the brink of extinction, the Hell's Angels had their hands full.

And now they had a new threat on their hands. Humans have marketed a new drug called "The Viper's Kiss" which give humans inhuman strength and also cure them of any terminal illness or serious illness they may have. With a drug like this, some humans view it as a Gift from God but little do they know this drug will do more damage than good. This new drug could expose Hell's Angels and other vampires who co-exist among humans, something which the vampire world does not want.

Will the Hell's Angels be able to put a stop to the spread of this new drug or will they be too late?

Stay tune to learn more about this upcoming book including the release date when it is available.


Currently we have a couple of giveaways going on to promote my upcoming book "Nocturnia: REBORN" which is due to be released on the 10th of December 2021.



Both these giveaways are Facebook related giveaways meaning in order to be eligible for either of these giveaways you must be on Facebook so that you can share the posts as well as LIKE, JOIN, and FOLLOW my Author Facebook Page & Author Reader Group. Another part of these giveaways involve joining my newsletter, which you can do HERE.

For more information on my current giveaways - please contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to stay up to date on ScerinaElizabeth.NET

Within the next week or so, I will be sending out a newsletter which will feature not only my upcoming book releases but I will also be featuring some of my author friends upcoming and newest book releases as well. I will also include some links to where readers and fans can get some *FREE BOOKS* as well as join other authors newsletters to stay up to date on them and their newest and upcoming book releases.

Till next time, have a good evening and be safe.

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