ScerinaElizabeth.NET Shop 99 Cents Corner & Newest Arrival Midnight Delight: Her True Heart Desires

ScerinaElizabeth.NET Shop now has a "99 Cents Corner" where you can find discounted books written by Authoress Scerina Elizabeth and sometimes the pricing are much more lower than 99 cents! Our newest arrival is "Fangalicious Divas" which is currently on sale for one week only for only 50 cents! Fangalicious Divas Blurb: A Dark Urban Fantasy with a Twisted Sense of Humor Version of our Legendary Monsters. Focusing on the Legendary Monsters: Dracula, Wolfman, & Frankenstein. Fanged Sister Trilogy is a new series which Authoress Scerina Elizabeth is currently working on.

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Important Message Regarding Featured Weekly Free Books

Featured Weekly Free Books will only be free for ONE WEEK ONLY. After that, they will be 99 cents (or lower, if they are on sale) and found within the 99 Cents Corner of ScerinaElizabeth.NET Shop.