Pandora Storm's "In The Eye Of The Storm"

Authoress Pandora Snow has a new book due to be released on the 21st of June called "In the Eye of the Storm", this will be the very first book in her "Obsessive Billionaire" series. In the Eye of the Storm Blurb: Storm Reed demands control. A powerful Dom, the influential billionaire requires absolute submission from his partners. But when he meets a gorgeous young woman who stirs his soul at a charity event, he’s driven to pursue her intoxicating innocence despite her off-limits virginity. Securing several dates with her, Storm battles to keep his rougher instincts in check. But as she unexpectedly consumes his heart, her friendship with one of his most-hated rivals threatens to unleash his need for total domination. Can Storm cross the young beauty’s boundaries and still secure her undying love?

In the Eye of Storm is the searing first book in the tempestuous Storm dark romance series. If you like bad-boy billionaires, blistering bedroom scenes, and unpredictable cliffhangers, then you’ll love Pandora Snow’s emotionally raw tale. Trigger Warning: This novel contains scenes of cheating, obsession, and non-consensual punishment. This book is now available for pre-order on Amazon for only $3.99


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