NOW AVAILABLE "Midnight Delight: Her Boss" Short Story

Now available "Midnight Delight: Her Boss". A brand new short story series in which I will publish a new short story weekly. New short stories will be available every Monday.

Starting out this new series is a short story called "Her Boss". Here is the blurb:

A Forbidden Love Story.

It all started with no strings attach sex that turned into something else completely. A secret passionate affair between employee and employer who is married with kids. But he has a dark secret that she does not know about.

Can the love they share for one another overcome the challenges that they will face along the way or will their forbidden affair succumb to the reality of their situation?

: : IMPORTANT MESSAGE : : This short story contains adult content and adult language. Meant for mature audiences who are 18 years old or older.


To learn more about the new "Midnight Delight" short story series, CLICK HERE

To download the new short story "Her Boss", CLICK HERE

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