"Nocturnia: REBORN" Giveaway

Here is an unedited excerpt from my current #WIP "Nocturnia: REBORN"

In this excerpt the Vampire King, Cross Vladislad is talking. If you have read the original "Nocturnia", "Her Dark Angel of the Night", you will remember Cross Vladislad as the Vampire Prince. I decided to make him a Vampire King in my re-write of "Nocturnia".

I also mention the original female MC from the original "Nocturnia", "Her Dark Angel of the Night", Scerina. I know she is named after me but it was my very first book and Scerina is such a beautiful name, I had to include it. Anyways, back to "Nocturnia". In the re-write of "Nocturnia" I had Scerina as Cross's first true love who was murdered in her sleep the night before she wed him.