NEXT FEATURED WEEKLY SHORT STORY: "Midnight Delight: Sisterly Seductions"

Richard, Annalise’s new husband, had just exploded deep inside of me. And if you ask me, he couldn’t have came at a better time because Annalise had just walked in on us cumming together. She nor did any of the family know that I would show up at her wedding reception only to ruin it by seducing her new husband. Seducing Annalise’s men became second nature to me and it became my mission in life to make her life a living hell just as she had made mine years ago when I was younger. “Richard!” She screamed, it was so loud that everyone heard her. Moments later people were filing into the room to see me in bed with the groom and the look of horror on Annalise’s face. “Annalise? Are you okay? And who is that with Richard?” an older woman asked, looking at me as if I was some kind of trash from off of the street. “No! I am not fucking okay! And that whore next to my husband is my sister Aubrey! The fucking whore of the family!” Annalise shrieked, “And I want her out of here immediately! Before I fucking kill her!” Annalise said. “Get security to escort this young woman out of here.” An older woman instructed. Moments later, security showed up ready to escort me. Good thing I got out of bed when people started coming in, I quickly got dress, and got ready to leave. When security was just about to escort me, I raised my hand to them stopping them in their tracks. Looking at the crowd than at Annalise, “Now Annalise, I know you ain’t acting all sweet and innocent like you are some virgin saint. I know the dark secrets which you keep hidden