"Midnight Delight: Haunted"

He was the love of my life, and we were engaged to be married. The day of our wedding started out so beautiful. No one could ever dream of any tragedy happening on such a momentous day. I was in the gardens taking bridal photos when we heard a loud crash just outside of our gates. Rushing over to the gates to see what has happened, I felt the pit of my stomach about ready to give at any given moment. I had a sickening feeling deep in my gut. It was someone very close to me. As I pushed my way through the thick crowd surrounding a lifeless body lying on the cold, concrete road, I begun to recognize tiny features of the individual before even seeing their face. Finally, seeing who it was, I felt as if the ground beneath my feet had collapsed and the world around me had shattered into tiny pieces. Lying on the ground, dead, was the love of my life. A man I was about to wed in less than an hour. I let out a blood-curdling scream as I fell to the ground by his side, lifting him up in my arms. I bawled my eyes out till I could not cry no longer.

I felt as if that I, too, would die; I wanted to die right then and there. He was the very air in which I breathed, my world, and my everything. His body was still warm in my arms, and I felt the familiar arms of my mother wrapped themselves around both my dead fiancée and me as she pulled me into a warm, loving embraced. The crowd of onlookers continued to watch, doing nothing; some even had the audacity to take pictures on their little phones, while others shed a few tears of their own. When the ambulance and police finally arrived, they had to pry me away from my dead fiancée’s body as they got him ready for transport. The police collected informatio