: : BLURB : :

Dominique Broussard had just lost the love of her life, Pao LeBlanc, in a nasty car wreck. Upon hearing the news of his death, Dominique is besides herself unable to believe that man who she loved with all her heart and soul, is now gone. Unable to accept the fact that he is gone, she plans to bring him back from the dead.

Growing up in a family that strongly believed in Voodoo, her own grandmother, Dominica Broussard was a powerful Voodoo Priestess. Dominica is old and dying, she must pass her powerful Voodoo gifts onto to Dominique who will take her place as the next Voodoo Priestess who will be even more powerful than Dominica herself.

Dominica warns Dominique of the dangers of such power and what her power can do. Dominica is well aware of Dominique plans to bring Pao back from the dead and is dead set against it. It is forbidden to bring the dead back for it is Dark Magic. But Dominique does not heed her dying grandmother's warnings.