COMING SOON: "Midnight Delight: Her True Heart Desires"

The next short story in the "Midnight Delight" short story series is called "Her True Heart Desires". This short story will be available for download only on ScerinaElizabeth.NET on Monday - June 14th, 2021.


An unexpected online love story.

Loreli have been burnt by man after man leaving her deeply damaged and unable to trust any man especially those online. She had given up on all hope of love and truly believed she was the one with the issues. She always believed if you had the same issue with every man you been with, surely you are the problem and not the men. But she didn't know just how wrong she was.

One day she meets Adonis, a bar owner/bartender who shows her the other side of love. A side in which she was more than worthy of and deserved more than anyone else. Adonis shows her what love really is and she finds herself falling helplessly in love with him along the way.

She never expected to find a love like this and in the least expected place. Once a stranger now a Kindred Soul, Adonis has come into her life at a time in which she needed him the most.

This is a short story that is only 4 pages long and a part of the "Midnight Delight" short story series found only on ScerinaElizabeth.NET.

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