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An Interview With The Talented Authoress Pebbles Lacasse

I have had the pleasure of interviewing the very lovely and talented Authoress Pebbles Lacasse. I have known her for a few years now and I must say she is quiet a unique soul who truly is a pleasure to know and be friends with. She is very talented and have been writing for sometime now with a ton of publish books under her belt. She is best known for her Steamy Erotic BDSM stories, most recently her steamy retelling of the classic fairytale "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" (which I have read myself and LOVED IT). So without further ado, here is her interview...




SE: When did you start writing & How long have you been writing?

PL: I wrote my first book in 2011 under an alias. It was a paranormal fantasy book that turned into a five-book series aimed for the 14+ age category. Afterward, I wrote a murder mystery with a dark s