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This is a story about a man who has literally been to hell and back for his true soulmate. But he is no ordinary man for he is not even human. He is something else completely, something otherworldly. A beautiful creature who would do anything for his true love. His name is Vincent and once upon a time, he was human…

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Nocturnia: REBORN is actually the rewrite of my first debut book "Nocturnia: Her Dark Angel of the Night" which originally released back in 2017 on December 10th.

I wanted to give it a complete rewrite and re-release it on 4th anniversary of the original "Nocturnia" release - December 10th. This time round, I wanted to develop both the story and the characters of the story more. Give a more in depth look at both the story and the characters. 

I bought back certain characters from the original "Nocturnia" while others I retired. I also added some new characters. In a sense it is a continuation of the "Nocturnia" story picking up where Book Two of the "Nocturnia" series left off. 

I have received lots of positive feedback from readers who have read excerpts from "Nocturnia: REBORN". So, I am excited to see what the readers have to say about the final finished product when it is released in December of 2021. 




The Nocturnia Series was first released back in 2017 on the the 10th of December. Book One of this series was my very first book release. 

Book One was titled "Her Dark Angel of the Night" and centered around a young mortal woman name Scerina Johnson whose mortal life was in grave danger. Her Guardian Angel, Cross Vladislad, who also happen to be a vampire came to her rescue. These two had a forbidden love affair as it was forbidden for Immortals to intermingle with Mortals especially those who were the charges of the Guardian Angels. 

Little did they know, Cross's twin brother Kain and his mother Evangeline, were plotting against them. Evangeline wanted to Scerina for her powers while Kain just wanted Scerina for himself. But fate had other plans for them as Evangeline and Kain did not get their way with Scerina. 

This book features a very steamy love triangle along with scandal and betrayal. Lots of hot and steamy moments. Not meant for younger audiences. 

The Special Edition also features Book Two (aka "The Prophecy") of the Nocturnia Series which focuses on life in the Vampire Kingdom of Nocturnia. Cross and Scerina are now married. Scerina has left her mortal life behind and is now living in the immortal realm. 

But the honeymoon phase soon fade away when Kain enters the picture to reek havoc. Still chasing after a woman he will never have, Kain will stop at nothing to have Scerina by his side as not only his wife but also his Vampire Queen. 

Kain does not succeed and looses another battle. Scerina surprises Cross with the announcement that she is pregnant with their first child. They live happily ever after. 

Book Three is currently on hold until I rewrite and re-release Book One of this series which I am in the process of doing with "Nocturnia: REBORN".  This book is due to be released on the 4th anniversary of the first book of the series, December 10th, 2021. 

If you would like to purchase the first two books of the "Nocturnia" series, you may do so HERE