“Two hundred years ago, I took a mortal to be my wife. Her name was Scerina and she would have been the mother of my kids had she not been murdered. The night before I was to wed her, she was slaughtered in her sleep. No one knew who done it, some said it was Evangeline, others said it was her mortal ex-lover. I even had my own suspicions that Evangeline was involved in some way. I even arrested her and just when she was about to be executed, there was another brutal murder. It was a new vampire who had gone rogue named Asmodius. I had no choice but to release Evangeline. For years, I mourned the death of my beloved Scerina. It was Adrielle who bought love back into my life again. During my years of grief, Adrielle was always there for me by my side. She watched over me and had my best interests at heart. She had also fallen in love with me and vowed that she would do whatever it took to make me truly happy again. And she did, I was happiest whenever I was with her. One day, she said she was pregnant with my child, a girl. I never thought it was possible to procreate especially with a Celestial Being. But it was possible and the daughter which she carried for me was a miracle and a true blessing. But not everyone was happy about this, Evangeline was furious. Little did I know, Evangeline was an evil and powerful sorceress. No one knew of this, not until it was too late. One night, while on a mission for my father, King Andreas, Evangeline cast a spell on me. She disguised herself as Adrielle and came to me in my dreams, or so I thought it was a dream, we made love. That night, she conceived my twin sons Vincent and Kain.” I said looking at both my sons Vincent and Kain. I smiled warmly at them.


“I had no idea she had stolen my seed nor did I know that I was the father of her sons till years later. At the time, Vincent was living in the mortal realm as a mortal with no idea of who he truly was and what he really was. The midwife who assisted in the birth of Kain and Vincent, was in fact an oracle. She had a vision. In her vision, Vincent and Paige are true soul mates. She knew that if Vincent remained in the care of Evangeline, he would not meet his true mate. So, she stolen Vincent and took him to the mortal realm where she entrusted him to a mortal family who would raise him as their own. Evangeline never even knew about Vincent till recently when she learned about Paige. After given birth to Vincent and Kain, Evangeline craved more power. She seduced me again, this time as herself. While I was asleep after we made love, she had stolen my vampiric blood and made herself a vampire. Ever since than, I had made it my main mission to end her life. Zenobia has told me that she has had an vision which foretells how Evangeline will die. Evangeline will die at the hands of Paige but Paige will need our help to make sure this come to pass. Evangeline is far too powerful for Paige to handle on her own even with her Celestial Being powers. Evangeline is at her most vulnerable during a blood moon when she opens up herself to allow another to feed from her. As you know when a vampire allow someone to drink from them, it weakens them. This is when Evangeline will be at her weakest.” I said, sitting back in my throne looking at the three of them.