• Species: Vampire

  • Age: Unknown

  • Originally From: Transylvania, Romania

  • Ethnicity/Race: Romanian

  • Occupation: Creator/Founder of AmBITCHous

  • Education: Journalism

  • Home: Los Angeles, California

  • Hobbies/Interests: Being a Total Bitch, Sleeping with her Best Friend Eva's Husband, and Burning Bridges

  • Pets: Black Wolf

  • Family: None

  • Sidekick/Best Friend: Eva Santa Rosa

  • Love Interest: Roberto Santa Rosa

  • Arch Nemesis: Miyako Lee


  • Gender: Female

  • Hair/Eye Color: 

    • Eye Color: Emerald Green

    • Hair Color: Golden Blonde

  • Skin Complexion: Porcelain

  • Build: Slim but Curvaceous

  • Birthmarks: Unknown

  • Scars: Unknown

  • Tattoos: Pentagram on her Inner Wrist

  • Style/Appearance: Professional/High Luxury Fashion


  • Personality: 

    • Total Bitch

    • Doesn't Care What Anyone Think or Say

    • Boss Bitch

    • All the women including those closest to her hate and envy her but she is desired by all the men including those who are married/taken

    • Heartless Bitch

    • Loves her Independence & Not Looking to be Tied Down to a Man (or Woman)

    • Although she is straight and prefer men, when it comes to food she will swing in the kitty direction. 


Melora is the daughter of a Vampire King and Vampire Queen. Originally from Romania, she moves to America to start her own life away from her controlling father. Although she appears to be dead, she really isn't. She is a vampire princess who is on the run from vampire hunters who discover her secret and is out to kill her. Melora flees back to Romania where she remains hidden from her family. 

She was careless with her finances and how she ran AmBITCHous leaving it in serious disrepair. She knows that Eva and Miyako will take good care of the magazine and make sure things get back on track. Once they have done so and once the vampire hunters are off her back, she will return to Los Angeles, California where she will pick up where she left off. 

She knows once she explains her situation to Eva and Miyako, they will totally understand and take her back, or so she thinks.


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