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  • Species: Fallen Angel/Vampire/Sorceress/Succubus

  • Age: Unknown

  • Occupation: Evil Vampire Queen

  • Education: None

  • Home: Immortal Realm (Kingdom of Sanguinia)

  • Hobbies/Interests: Paige Morgan

  • Pets: Black Raven

  • Royalty Bloodline(s): The Celestial Beings (The Kingdom of The Heavenly Paradise)

  • Family:

    • Sister: Adrielle

    • Children: Vincent Vladislad & Kain Vladislad

    • Niece: Paige Morgan

  • Sidekick/Best Friend: Unknown 

  • Former Love Interest: Cross Vladislad (Father of her Twin Sons)

  • Arch Nemesis: Adrielle


  • Gender: Female

  • Hair/Eye Color: Ice Blue Eyes with Jet Black Hair

  • Skin Complexion: Skin as White as Snow

  • Build: Slender

  • Birthmarks: None

  • Scars: None

  • Tattoos: None

  • Style/Appearance: Regal


  • Personality: 

    • The Embodiment of Evil

    • Fierce and Fearless

    • Very Ambitious but can also be very Patient

    • Very Icy and Cold

    • Main Mission in her Immortal Life is to kill Paige Morgan and steal her Celestial Powers


She was originally born in the Heavenly Paradise and was next in line for the throne but when she sided with the lead Fallen Angel, she was exiled along with a number of Fallen Angels.


Evangeline seduced her sister Adrielle's love (Cross) not once but twice. First time she disguised herself as Adrielle and made love to Cross where she conceived his twin sons, Vincent & Kain. Second time she seduced him was when she stolen his vampiric blood to make herself a vampire. She knew that if she was a vampire, she would be far more powerful, so she seduced Cross and stole his vampiric blood. 


Her father stripped her of her Celestial Being Powers for not only doing what she done to Cross but also for siding with the Fallen Angels. Now she is determined to get them back and has her eyes set on her niece Paige. She plans on killing Paige and stealing her Celestial Being Powers.

Little does she know, Adrielle is about to end her reign of terror and stop Evangeline from killing her daughter, Paige. 


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