• Species: Succubus

  • Age: 42

  • Originally From: Madrid, Spain

  • Ethnicity/Race: Latina

  • Occupation: Editor in Chief of AmBITCHous and Co-Owner of AmBITCHous

  • Education: College Graduate with a degree in Journalism

  • Home: Los Angeles, California

  • Hobbies/Interests: Taking care of her family as they come first before all else

  • Pets: Unknown

  • Family:

    • Husband: Roberto

    • Children: 

      • Julia - 17 Years Old​

      • Katerina - 17 Years Old

      • Zabeth - 15 Years Old

      • Roberto Jr. - 13 Years Old

      • Daphne - 8 Years Old

      • Gracie - 2 Years Old

  • Sidekick/Best Friend: Miyako Lee

  • Love Interest: Her Husband Roberto and Detective Carl Erikson

  • Arch Nemesis: Her Former Business Partner Melora Stevenson


  • Gender: Female

  • Hair/Eye Color: 

    • Eye Color: Green

    • Hair Color: Black

  • Skin Complexion: Deep Golden Brown

  • Build: Curvaceous

  • Birthmarks: Unknown

  • Scars: Unknown

  • Tattoos: Tattoo of a Rose on her Lower Back and her husband's name "Roberto" on her left breast

  • Style/Appearance: Professional/High Luxury Fashion


  • Personality: 

    • Likes to be drama free but not afraid to get her hands dirty in some drama if need be

    • She won't start drama but she will damn sure end it

    • Very laid back but can be a bitch when and if need be

    • Is very professional when in the office but outside of the office, she lets her hair down and be her true self.

    • Often fights with her inner demon (her succubus side) to remain in control and not let her succubus side take over which can get her into trouble. 

    • Very protective of her family as her family is her world. 


She was originally born in Madrid, Spain but came to the USA to get her degree in Journalism. She planned on returning back home to Madrid once she graduated with a degree in Journalism but had a change of plans. Joining forces with Melora Stevenson and Miyako Lee to start their very own luxury high fashion magazine called AmBITCHous. 

During the early years of building up the magazine and making it into what it is today, the three women became three of the wealthiest and most powerful business women in America. AmBITCHous soon became a very powerful and wealthy business empire that was very well known around the world. 

Eva and Miyako stayed true to their roots and didn't let wealth and power corrupt their soul. After Melora's death, secrets come to light. One of the biggest secrets was AmBITCHous was in deep trouble and heading towards bankruptcy if Eva and Miyako did not do anything about it. The future of the magazine laid in their hands. But these two women were not about to give up on the magazine which were their bread and butter. Determined to save the magazine, they did what they had to do. 

Eva's character goes through some serious trials and tribulations as she not only tries to find Melora's killer but also when she goes to hell and back to save the magazine that she help build from the ground up with Melora and Miyako. The death of Melora, brings both Eva and Miyako closer to one another strengthening their sisterly bond. They share so much and are one another's rock in this storm. 


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