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  • Species: Vampire

  • Age: Unknown

  • Occupation: Vampire King

  • Education: None

  • Home: Immortal Realm (Kingdom of Nocturnia)

  • Hobbies/Interests: Protecting his Family (Vincent Vladislad, Paige Morgan, Kain Vladislad, and Adrielle)

  • Pets: Onyx Dragon

  • Royalty Bloodline(s): The Vampires (The Kingdom of Nocturnia)

  • Family:

    • Children: Paige Morgan (Her Mother is Adrielle), Vincent Vladislad (His Mother is Evangeline), and Kain Vladislad (His Mother is Evangeline)

  • Sidekick/Best Friend: Unknown

  • Love Interest: Adrielle

  • Arch Nemesis: Evangeline


  • Gender: Male

  • Hair/Eye Color: Eye Color is Black & Hair Color is Black.

  • Skin Complexion: Porcelain White

  • Build: Muscular (Built like a God)

  • Birthmarks: None

  • Scars: None

  • Tattoos: None

  • Style/Appearance: Regal


  • Personality: 

    • Regal

    • Very Fierce & Protective of all his Chilren

    • Fears No One

    • Very Loyal & Faithful

    • Courageous & Brave


His origins are unknown but he is the Vampire King of Nocturnia. He was once mortal but on the night before his wedding, his mortal wife was slaughtered in her sleep. If it was not for his Guardian Angel, Adrielle, he would have been a lost soul.


During his time of grief over the death of his mortal love, Cross and Adrielle have fallen in love with each other. She was the one who made him a vampire. Together they have a daughter name Paige Morgan (Who is also known by the Celestial Being name Seraphina Rose). 

He was seduced by Adrielle's sister, Evangeline, not once but twice. First time she disguised herself as Adrielle and made love to him, where they conceived her twin sons Vincent and Kain. The second time Evangeline seduced him was when she stole his vampiric blood to make herself a vampire so that she can be even more powerful. 

With the help of Adrielle and his children, he plans to destroy Evangeline. 


Cross Vladislad
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