As I choked on my own blood, I felt my life begin to leave my body as the coldness of death begin to slowly takeover. A flood of images from the highlights of my life begin to flash in front of me. In the distance I heard a soft voice which sounded a lot like my dead mother call to me. My heart was now barely beating. I felt someone take hold of my hands, stroking my hands softly. “Who is this?” the question beckon to me. Again, came the voice. Trying my best to open my eyes, my eyelids suddenly felt too heavy and all I could do was flutter them, showing some sort of sign of life. I felt a hand lightly stroke my cheek. Soon I heard some sort of chanting, I could not fully understand what was being said nor did I know what exactly was going on. All I know was I felt myself begin to feel lighter and lighter, what I thought was death was something else completely.

The unbearable pain that I was feeling only moments ago was beginning to subside as something else begin to spread throughout my body. A mysterious energy was now coursing throughout my body slowly bringing me back to life and out of the cold grasps of death. It felt as if I was going through some sort of transition. The body that was once severely deformed and crippled has been reborn. Reawakening with a newfound strength and energy, I slowly open my eyes to find that the warm sunshine was showing my naked body in its beauty and warmth. Looking down at my hands, I was startled to discover that these were not the same hands that I once knew only a few hours ago, they looked like the hands of a woman in her early twenties. My eyesight had also improved, I now had the perfect twenty-twenty vision. Only a few hours ago I was near blindness and now this, I never thought I would ever see this clearly again. Slowly I got up, the pain in my knees no longer existed. I smiled to myself thinking “Well, I won’t be missing that.” Walking over to my mirror, I peered into it. The woman who gazed back at me was not the same woman I once was. She was someone else completely, someone far more gorgeous and younger. Full of life and youth.

I could not help but smiled brightly, the ritual had work, the old woman had worked her magic on me and it worked. She was in a sense my fairy godmother who had more than worked wonders on me. Like a caterpillar who had been reborn into a gorgeous butterfly, I had been reborn. No longer the ugly duckling, I was now a gorgeous swan who was about to take over the modeling world once again.


Twenty-Four Hours Ago

Her name was Zelda, an old gypsy woman who was known to cure the incurable. She was a healer of sorts. But her services came at a high hefty price. I was so desperate to restore my youth and beauty I did not care what the cost was. I would have done anything to be young and beautiful again including selling my soul to the devil himself. Little did I know, that is in fact what I had just done.

“You were once a beautiful Goddess once upon a time.” She said, “What if I can turn back time and restore your youth and beauty as you once were?”


I was once a young and beautiful super model. A model ahead of her time with so much to offer and so much to gain. I was well on my way to super stardom when I had a nasty accident which left me horribly disfigured and crippled. Looking at the old gypsy woman, I asked “What can you do for me that no doctor has already done for me?”


“Make you young and beautiful.” She said stroking my cheek lightly, smiling warmly at me.


“How is this even possible?” I asked her, skeptical.


“I have the power to do so.” She replied.


“Listen and with all do respect, but I don’t have time for this. Take your scam elsewhere. Try another fool who would be foolish enough to take you at your word.” I told her bitterly getting up to leave.


She grabbed my hand and as she done so, I felt a strange tingling in my hands. It was as if the nerves in my hands had come to life as a strange surge of electricity course through my blood in my hands. Looking down, I watched as the nasty scars begin to fade away leaving behind velvety soft smooth skin like that of a twenty-year-old. I blinked in disbelief, touching my hand lightly. Tears welling up in my eye, I looked at her and asked, “How can this be?!”


“As I said, I have the power within me to restore your beauty and youth.” She replied looking at me.


“Tell me more.” I said quietly looking at her. She had more than pique my interest. I wanted to know everything. I wanted her to reveal her secrets to me.


“Not here. You must come to my shop tonight and I will tell you everything you need to know.” She said handing me a card. “Come at eight o’clock. I will be waiting for you.” She said before walking away leaving me standing there in the hallway of the hospital. I watched as her tiny body disappeared into the distance.


Looking at my watch, I seen it was almost four. I was running late for my session with my physical therapist Jody. Luckily, I was not far from the physical therapy clinic. Arriving with just a few moments to spare, I checked in with the receptionist who instructed me to take a seat and wait to be called in.