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She was never one for real-life relationships, mainly because she was an introvert by nature, plus the fact that she heard a lot of horror stories about individuals who met up in real life. She heard how friendships and relationships fell apart once the individuals met up in real life for one reason or another. Whatever friendship or relationship there was deteriorated when the individuals met in real life. Loreli didn’t want to experience that with any of the men who she met online and who she happens to get real close to. She didn’t want to lose a good friendship or something special with a man due to a negative experience that happens in real life. She always vowed to keep things online only and no real life to maintain a safe friendship and relationship without the stress or drama of real life-ruining it. But after speaking with Adonis and seeing just how he truly felt about her. She started to think. Maybe it would not be so bad if they did meet, should they ever decide to go that route. Maybe the experience would be totally different and the opposite from the horror stories which she always heard from others. Although things were still early, and she wasn’t even sure if this would even last that long or get that serious, she had a change of heart in that moment. If things did get serious and did last, if the opportunity should arise where they wanted to take their friendship or relationship to the next level of meeting in real life, she would be open to it. 

Whenever they made love, it was very different than the times she made love with other men. It was the closest thing to real-life sex. It was more than sex, but she actually had a glimpse of what it would be like with him if it was in real life. It felt as if she was in heaven, for she experienced such feelings and emotions which she never experienced before. She felt wanted and desired by other men but never on this level. And with Adonis, she knew he was the real thing. It wasn’t just words on the screen. It was truly genuine feelings and emotions behind his words and actions. His voice alone made her aching clit twitched and throbbed for so much more. She imagined his soft lips on her large throbbing sore nipples as he lightly flicked the tips ever so gently. She felt his arms wrapped tightly around her tiny waist as he pulled her closer to him while he thrust deeply into her womb as she rode his massively thick hard cock deeply. She could feel his heart beating thunderously within his chest. She imagines how his eyes would look as she looked deeply into them, straight into his soul. 

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Get "Fangalicious Divas" For Only 99 Cents!


A Dark Urban Fantasy with a Twisted Sense of Humor Version of our Legendary Monsters.

Focusing on the Legendary Monsters: Dracula, Wolfman, & Frankenstein. Fanged Sister Trilogy is a new series which am currently working on.

: : IMPORTANT NOTE : : Contains Adult Content & Adult Language. Mature Audience ONLY.

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“I am here to take you back to our world; there is someone there who is dying to meet you.” Kain said.

“Who?” I asked.

“Our biological father, Cross Vladislad.” Kain said. “Oh, and our biological mother Evangeline as well.” Kain rolled his eyes as he said the last part. I sensed he was not too crazy about her either.

“I have heard of her, and from what I hear, she is very powerful and evil. She is someone who wishes to do harm to someone very close and dear to me,” I said.

“I am well aware of this, but did you know, the individual who you are protecting is actually the love child of our father?” Kain asked raising an eyebrow.

“Shit! Seriously?” I asked incredulously.

“Adrielle is our aunt. The woman you are protecting is in fact, our half-sister.” Kain said.

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