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The funeral for Juniper Nielsen was a beautiful one. I watched behind closed doors, of course, giving her family and friends a private service... a time to mourn her death and celebrate her life. Juniper laid in her virginal white coffin in a beautiful floral sundress that reflected her sunny personality; her skin was smooth and white as snow, and her shoulder-length, dark brown hair framed her gorgeous face nicely. You would think she was sleeping, and in a sense, she was.


She smelled of lilacs in a field. I watched as her mother burst into tears as she said her final goodbyes to her daughter. Juniper’s father embraced her mother tightly, escorting her back to her seat in the front row as she sobbed hysterically, crying out for their daughter. The pallbearers prepared to carry her out to the cemetery for her burial. The crowd watched in silence as they walked down the aisle with her coffin towards the door where the hearse waited to carry her to her final resting place. I made way out the back to the hearse and waited for them to slide her coffin into the back. Closing the door softly, I walked up to the driver’s side and slid in behind the wheel. 

I had chosen a spot in the cemetery not far from my cottage to be her burial site… the most beautiful location in the entire cemetery. The services were beautiful; I stood by my gate and watched from a distance. Thirty minutes after the service began, the guests dispersed to either go to the reception held at her parents’ home or go about their own business. Once they had left, I made my way to where she lay in the ground, waiting to be covered with dirt.

It would not be long until sunset, when she would rise again. It was already getting darker. I had to make haste and get the job done so that she was properly buried. She needed to be completely submerged into the ground for at least an hour for the curse to work. If it was done improperly, she would not return like all the others. Sometimes, they would not return at all if buried in too short of a time period. I finally finished burying her completely; all that was left was to wait and see if she would return to me.

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Order of the Dragon - Scerina Elizabeth

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"What if all the stories you heard about the infamous monster name Dracula were all lies? What if there was another side to the story that no one even knew of, a side where he was not a monster but in fact a savior? What if he was a vampire who had a soul? What if the monster had a heart and yearned to be loved? The story am about to tell, is the real story of Vlad Tepes and how he came to be this infamous so-called monster called "Dracula", that everyone most feared. And I promise once am finish with this story, you will view him in a whole new light with a whole new respect and love. "

~ Mina Murray ~

How far would you go to find a cure for an illness that could take your life at any moment that was incurable?

Would you sell your soul to the very Devil himself to prolong your precious life?

And at what cost are you willing to pay for such a priceless gift?

A secret society of the very wealthy and powerful of London, England who are terminally ill and would do just about ANYTHING for a cure for their illness. Including selling their soul to the very Devil himself, Dracula.

This is a version of the classic horror tale of Dracula but with a different twist. Retold with a different perspective on mortality and immortality.

What path are you willing to take when it comes to your mortality and soul? The right path or the wrong path. And would the choice ultimately be worth it in the end.

: : IMPORTANT NOTE : : Contains Adult Content & Adult Language. Mature Audience ONLY.

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Claudia Promo 1.jpg

CLICK HERE for a Sneak Peak of the individual story "Claudia" featured in the upcoming horror anthology "Tales from the Morgue" due to be released on Halloween (October 31st) of 2021...


She held the key to the Eternal Fountain of Youth & Beauty.

Claudia is an aging super model who would do just about anything to remain young and beautiful including sell her very soul to the devil.

To Claudia, her youth and beauty were her life. One night, Claudia has a nasty accident leaving her horribly disfigured and nearly cripple. She knew this would end her career as a Super Model.

She runs into a mysterious stranger who offers her something that is far more valuable than life itself...

The "Eternal Fountain of Youth", but it comes with a very hefty price. Is she willing to sell her soul to the very Devil himself in exchange for an eternity of youth and beauty?


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